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This Guy Broke Up With His Girlfriend Every Single Day For A Year

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Craig Stephens is a romantic. In an act of what some might call devotion— others delusion— he spent an amazing 365 days breaking up with his girlfriend.

It was last April that Stephens dreamed up his master plan after realizing his girlfriend Angela Karpett was “the worst.” So he decided to let her know how much he thought about his decision to end things via an elaborate scheme. Every single day for an entire year he planned some way of telling Angela how much he detested her.


“I knew Angela was a fan of humiliation videos on YouTube and would literally LOL at the sincerity and thoughtfulness of each one,” Stephens told TMZ. “She showed so many of them to me in the 4 months we were together, I knew if I recorded each break up, she’d really appreciate it.”

On April 5th, 2015, Karpett’s 28th birthday, after months of depression and mental breakdowns from Craig’s persistent badgering, he revealed the final breakup during a family trip to Fort Lauderdale. He had her family lead her down to the beach where she saw a message written in the sky. When it was over Stephens appeared next to her “out of nowhere” and took her hand in front of a mixed group of spring breakers and family, until he was detained for breaking his restraining order.

“Angela’s reaction wasn’t exactly the one I was hoping for,” a black-eyed Stephens told the ladies of The View. “Breaking up is a serious decision and I had wanted only to show her how much I had thought about it, but I guess she didn’t see that.”

Angela has refused to comment on her recent humiliation. Stephens, on the other hand, is throwing everything he has into a new endeavor: his Bachelorette contestant application. We wish you the best, Craig!