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This Man Wanted His Girlfriend Back… And He Did it with Pizza…

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When Monica left Albert Tischer, he was taken completely by surprise. He was devastated. It was a four year relationship that went down the drain, and with very little reason. Albert told us Monica had packed her bags and left a cryptic note that explained she had waited too long for him to prove his love to her. Instead of rectifying it, she abandoned the relationship.

But Albert wasn’t going to give up that easy. If she wanted him to prove his love, he was going to do it…with pizza.

stavros eating pizza

Credit: TJFritz

See how Albert proved his love with pizza…


How did he do it?

sausage and peppers

Credit: TJFritz

To get his girlfriend back Albert decided to treat pizza like his girlfriend, to show exactly how he’d treat her if she were back around.

“I’d start by staring at Monica longingly, deep into those sausage eyes.”

Ping Pong


Credit: TJFritz

“I’d play wonderful games with you, Monica, like ping pong and backgammon.”