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This One Image Sends a Powerful Message to Pro-Choice Women Everywhere

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baby just born

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When pro-choice advocates talk to me about abortion, sometimes it’s hard to know how to respond. Most of them are so set in their ways, it’s hard enough to have a civil conversation, let alone attempt to sway them to the correct viewpoint. But now, I show them this simple, powerful image and it spells it all out.


duck on a bunch of money

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Wow. What an image. Take a look at that duck. That regal, majestic duck enjoying his wealth, smoking a cigar and drinking champagne. Pretty cool right? Wrong. That duck is a metaphor, my friends. The Duck is America, and the coins he’s lousy with over there? Those are abortions. The cigar he’s smoking isn’t filled with tobacco; it’s marijuana, which is forcing him to make those bad decisions. Can you guess what that drug filled cigar symbolizes? That’s right, it’s feminism.

So the next time someone tells you they’re pro-choice, show them this picture and offer them a remind: feminism has led to America sitting on a pile of aborted fetuses.

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