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This One Image Sends a Powerful Message to Pro-Choice Women Everywhere

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baby just born

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When pro-choice advocates talk to me about abortion, sometimes it’s hard to know how to respond. Most of them are so set in their ways, it’s hard enough to have a civil conversation, let alone attempt to sway them to the correct viewpoint. But now, I show them this simple, powerful image and it spells it all out. 
duck on a bunch of money

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Wow. What an image. Take a look at that duck. That regal, majestic duck enjoying his wealth, smoking a cigar and drinking champagne. Pretty cool right? Wrong. That duck is a metaphor, my friends. The Duck is America, and the coins he’s lousy with over there? Those are abortions. The cigar he’s smoking isn’t filled with tobacco; it’s marijuana, which is forcing him to make those bad decisions. Can you guess what that drug filled cigar symbolizes? That’s right, it’s feminism.So the next time someone tells you they're pro-choice, show them this picture and offer them a remind: feminism has led to America sitting on a pile of aborted fetuses.If you don't want to sit on fetuses, SHARE this article.