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This Poor, Hungry Child Asked How Much the Soup Cost, So I Had Security Remove Him

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Now here’s a hero…


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Daniel Clevin is a 7-year-old child living in Bloomfield, New Jersey. He loves football, Power Rangers, and tigers. Seems like a normal child to us, except that there’s only one problem: he’s poor and he’s hungry. Since both his mom and dad left him to enjoy more time not raising a child, Daniel has been roaming the streets, looking for food, and hoping someone will have enough heart to help him.

That’s where Thomas Fry comes in. A co-manager and chef of Bloomfield’s favorite cafe, Two Soup Guys (the second ‘guy’ is named Trevor). For years, he’s made dozens of soups everyday for happily paying customers. “We just love his recipes, he’s like the Soup Nazi except without the anti-semitism,” said a local Jewish woman. “He’s really got a heart of gold and a ladle of wood!”

After several minutes of uncontrollable laughter, this reporter finally met up with Thomas Fry to ask him about what he did to try and help poor Daniel. “Last week, Daniel limped into the restaurant. You see, he was so hungry he could barely walk. He was whimpering, blinded by hunger. He walked to the counter, where I was standing—my hand on a bat I keep underneath the register—and he asked me with the most innocent eyes, ‘how much for a bowl of soup?'” Fry stumbled on his words, “I knew he didn’t have any money, it was obvious from his pockets, which were pulled out from his jeans. So I did the only thing I could: I called security and had his poor ass dragged out of my restaurant.”

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