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This Woman Ate Only Human Hair For An Entire Month, What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind

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What a transformation!


woman eats her own hair

Credit: HCucci

Janet Levin, a 45-year-old woman, decided she was going to attempt to eat only human hair for a month after misunderstanding a Facebook status that her yoga instructor posted. The post, which encouraged followers to “only ingest the natural,” was misconstrued by Levin to mean things produced by the human body, rather than organic fruits and vegetables.

A copy of Levin’s diary obtained by the Farce Report indicates eating human hair for 30 days was part of a 90 day “natural cleanse” she was planning. The first 30 days she would only eat human hair, the next 30 would be toe nail clippings, and the final 30 were a substance too foul to publish on this website.

After seven days, Levin started feeling weak, but attributed it to “the toxins leaving her body.” 12 days in, her bowel movements looked like someone rolled a snickers bar on the floor of a haircuttery. Levin didn’t even make it the whole 30 days, she died on day 20. Ironically, it was not from malnutrition, but from choking on a furball that she perished.

In conclusion, don’t eat hair. Eat a balanced diet of foods instead.

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