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Tinder App Matches Cheating Husband With Cheating Wife

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It's a match on tinder

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Ron and Stacey Douglas have had a stable marriage for quite sometime. “It’s almost too good. In fact, it’s boring,” Ron confided. The couple’s boredom was cited as the reason both joined Tinder. “I’m not sure I would have ever hooked up with anyone, I just wanted to see what I was missing. It turns out, not much,” Stacey stated.

After seeing several familiar pictures, Stacey decided to swipe right and matched with Ron, who recently joined Tinder himself. “Every woman had a picture with a horse, standing in front of angel wings on a brick wall, or at a wedding.” When they finally agreed to meet at Angelino’s, it was like it was meant to be. “I was like, that’s my favorite restaurant, this is crazy,” Stacey laughed.

When they finally saw each other at dinner and reflected on the circumstance, Ron and Stacey could not contain their laughter. “Someone should write a song about it!,” Ron laughed. Unfortunately, Ron was forced to confess that earlier that month, he met a 25 year old Goth barista/webcam model from Tinder and contracted herpes.