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Toilet at All You Can Eat Buffet Stuffed

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“Enough is enough”


(Photo by shutterstock)

Photo by shutterstock

Reports indicate that the toilets at the Best Buffet of Eastpoint, Maryland are just as stuffed as the patrons of the establishment, which offers unlimited portions of low grade Chinese and American cuisine.

Jim Lambert, the manager of the restaurant expressed feeling sadness for the toilets.

“I know it’s silly to feel bad for inanimate objects, but I wouldn’t wish this life on anyone. This isn’t a restaurant so much as a human trough. What we’re serving barely qualifies as food and it runs right through the animals that eat here. To be blunt, those toilets are constantly being crapped in,” Lambert said.

Angie Lee, a waitress at the establishment, wasn’t just concerned about what the toilets had in them. “The sheer amount of weight these toilets have to support is frightening. One guy forgot his jacket here, guess what size it was? It was a 6X! How do you even find that much cloth,” she wondered aloud.

At press time, an incredibly round 13 year old was running to the bathroom after eating soft serve with his mouth directly on the machine for 4 straight minutes.

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