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Tourist Standing in Middle of Crosswalk Shocked Over Rude New Yorkers

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tourist in new york making new yorker mad in times square

(Photo by TJFritz)

This week a disgruntled tourist wrote to the New York City Tourism Board to complain about the rudeness of New York residents. In the 12-page letter, it described the man’s entire experience in the city.

“I’m standing here, minding my own business, trying to appreciate the height of the skyscrapers in the middle of a cross walk with my two luggage rollers, when some man in a business suit nudges my elbow. The audacity!”

The tourist, who signed his name asĀ Sincerely Disappointed, had come to New York for the first time to see its main attractions and to “feel what it’s like to live that city life.”

“All I wanted was a photo of me standing in front of a real entrance to a subway as if I just walked out, like a real New Yorker. But every time I used my selfie-stick to take a photo, someone shouted at me to get out of the way. I mean, can’t they see I’m trying to take a photo of the subway entrance they need to use to go about their daily routine?”

And when the man visited Times Square?

“I had come to Times Square to try some of New York’s famous dining: Red Lobster, Olive Garden, all the high-end spots. I wanted to meander through the streets and soak in the scenery, and I can’t believe how many times people asked me to ‘please move,’ and ‘go, just go, for the love of God.’ What is New York’s deal?”

The man ended his letter with the following statement, “If I ever come back, which I plan to do with my seven children who desperately want to ride the subway and shop in SoHo’s fanciest boutiques, like H&M, I hope New York can get their act together and show some respect.”