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Towels Are Now The Leading Cause Of Dry Skin

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There are many factors that lead to dry skin including weather, dehydration, and clothing. Towels however are now considered the leading cause. “It’s become kind of a buzzword. No one wants dry skin, everyone wants to be as lubricated as possible,” said local pervert.

The statement was later verified by a real scientist. “It’s true, people want to be lubed up.”

Gladys Smith, a sixty-year-old Beverly Hills Socialite, goes into the spa for daily treatments to prevent dry skin. “Now that I know towels are the main cause, I don’t even dry off after I shower or bath. Dry skin to me, signals old age. The only good thing that is dry, is a Martini.”

This statement was disregarded that same scientist, “Martinis aren’t dry. They’re liquid. She was making a joke, I think.”