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Toys R Us Finally Notices Typographical Error In Company Branding

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Still unclear if Kleenex and Tumblr know their names are spelled wrong

Toys R Us Storefront

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The famed children’s entertainment retailer, formerly known as Toys R Us has officially changed the spelling of their name to “Toys Are Us” after finally noticing the typographical error in their company branding.

“I was getting my daughter a birthday present at one of our locations and I just remember looking up at the sign as I walked in and thinking, ‘something’s not right here.’” Toys Are Us CEO Dave Brendon told reporters.

“I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. So I took a picture and sent it to my wife. She couldn’t find it either. Finally, after hiring a proofreading firm to conduct an analysis of the sign, we realized: It was the R! This whole time we had just been spelling ‘are’ wrong. How embarrassing. Figuring that out cost us 2 million dollars. We had to lay off 10 full-time employees,” Brendon laughed.

At press time, Brendon was sending an email to the CEO of Kleenex with the subject line: “hey dummy: it’s spelled CLEANex”

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