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Trailblazing Student Uses Rare #1 Pencil

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student standing with pencil in hand

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Valley High School Senior Steven Jacobs had no idea that by forgetting to bring a pencil to his SAT’s, he would make history.

“I mean, I just asked to borrow one. They had this big bucket, so I grabbed one. I didn’t realize it wasn’t a Number two pencil,” Jacobs admits. “But then I was hoping if I failed, maybe that would be the reason I could take the test over. Like I found a loophole.”

The age-old standard of only using a number two pencil on computer graded tests needs to be changed according to one faculty member. “I mean, it’s like racism or sexism with pencils. You can’t use this pencil because it’s not dark enough? I mean, that’s appalling.”

One spokesman for the SAT said, “It’s only because the number one pencil is too light to be seen by the computer. We have to grade it by hand, which is a huge pain in the ass. Steven scored a 140. That’s the lowest in SAT history. He won’t get another chance. This whole controversy seems stupid.”

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