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Trump Asks America If It’s “On Its Period Or Something?”

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“Your Aunt Flow visiting? Gimme a break, eh?”

(Photo by Getty / MANDEL NGAN )

(Photo by Getty / MANDEL NGAN )

Donald Trump is on full assault. Recently Trump accused moderator of the GOP debate Megyn Kelly of bleeding from the eyes, and other areas. This drew outrage from both left and right wingers, agreeing Trump is going too far with his words. In response, Trump replied, “Give it a rest, America, what are you on your period or something?”

The country, decidedly so, was outraged by the remark. Being on or off its period does not change the fact that the statements Trump is making are offensive to countries.

Trump then suggested America to take a Midol and invested $500,000 in the, as he calls it, “miracle drug.”

America, in response decided that even though it had at least another week before its period, they were not going to put out for Trump. Even just a little.