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Trump Campaign Afraid They’re Running Out of Racist Things to Promise

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Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Coming on the heels of their most insane, racist promise yet, reports indicate the Trump campaign is worried they are running out of insane, racist promises to make their stupid, bigoted supporters. After the candidate suggested he would “certainly implement” a national database to track U.S. muslims, leaked memos from within the Trump camp indicate his top advisors are at a loss as to which ethnic minority to attack next.

“Jew’s next?” Trump strategist, Edward G. Moneybags — a literal bag of money with a top hat and monocle on, asked Trump in an email obtained by the Farce Report.

It appears Trump rejected that notion, because of his relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and also “on account of them running all the media.”

Ultimately, the Trump campaign decided to go back to basics and employ a strategy that has worked for Republicans time and time again in American politics.

Starting after Thanksgiving, the official Trump Slogan will be changed to: “Vote Trump and You’ll Get to Say the N-Word in Public Again.” Trucker hats emblazoned with the new slogan will be available for sale as soon as Chinese children can finish making them.

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