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Trump had No Idea Sons were Hunting Animals, Only Mexicans

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(Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Commenting on photographs taken of his sons hunting wild animals in Africa, Donald Trump stated that he was surprised and disappointed, saying “I think big game hunting is deplorable. I only support my boys hunting man, the most dangerous game.”

And, for the last 8 years, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. have done just that: hosting the Trump Family “International Hunting of Peasants.” The annual IHOP is a six day experience in which the Trump boys travel from Home Depot to Home Depot, hiring Mexican day laborers whom they later set free on a tropical island and, after a 24 hour grace period, kill for sport.

Though Trump was displeased with his son’s hunting of lions and leopards on Safari, he is confident their animal hunting days are behind them and fully expects them to begin recreationally murdering human beings again soon.

“Killing animals is easy,” said Trump, “tracking and killing a man — even a Mexican man whose intellect is inferior to the white man’s– provides the real challenge.”

Trump went on to note that Mexican men were a deliberate target for his sons because “all the raping and murdering has turned their meat supple and flavorful.”