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Trump Quits NBC After Being Fired

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donald trump

(Photo by Getty / Richard Ellis)

NEW YORK, NY – America’s fourth favorite Donald—after Duck, Glover, and Southerland—was recently canned from NBC after making repugnant remarks about immigrants.

The Donald responded by claiming to quit in retaliation for being fired then said, “Peacocks are stupid, 30 Rockefeller Center is ugly, and Frasier was overrated.” He then slowly overturned the podium and tried to fire most of the journalists in attendance despite none actually working for him.

Trump’s largely impotent PR team could not be reached for comment as they were busy trying to pry open their office widows in effort to escape to the relative comforts of a 19-story fall.

Although NBC has apologized for exposing America to the blow-hard businessman, rival networks have filed grievances with the FCC citing NBC for “violating decency laws by repeatedly showing an uncensored bleached anus on a network channel.”