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Trump Says 9/11 Was An Outside Job, Blames Mexican Landscapers

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Credit: Matt Brown/iStock; Creative Commons

Credit: Matt Brown/iStock; Creative Commons

Donald Trump, Republican presidential hopeful, grabbed headlines again, showing that where there is a will to cause controversy, there is a way to make it happen.

Donald Trump does not believe the government was involved in a so called ‘inside job’ on 9/11. But even more shocking, he believes that mexican landscapers united with their leaf blowers and actually blew both planes into the World Trade Center, causing the towers to collapse.

“Here’s the thing: buildings don’t just fall over. I know my buildings don’t just fall over, and they’re mainly made of matchboxes and rat bones. So how do two buildings. Count ’em, two. How do they both fall over. I tell you, it’s those Mexicans with their leaf blowers. They’re coming over the border with their leaf blowers, headed straight to New York, crossed streams and knocked those babies over. It’s the only reasonable explanation.”

It was a shocking and completely ridiculous idea which is based in no facts whatsoever, exactly how Donald Trump likes it.

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