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Trump Says Carly Fiorina Is Climbing The Polls “Like A Stripper At A Club”

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Carly now number 2.


carly fiorina as a stripper

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images; Shutterstock

In a surprising turn for the GOP presidential race, Carly Fiorina, a once hardly-known candidate is gaining ground and currently number 2 in the polls, just behind frontrunner Donald Trump. When asked about the substantial gain Fiorina has made in the last week since the GOP debate, Trump had some very fine words.

“Fiorina is climbing the polls like a stripper at a club. Dancing for all the special interests, whoring herself out, and when the little song and dance is over, she’s gonna collect her money on the floor. But here’s the thing — are you listening? She’s going to stay on the floor. On her knees where she belongs.”

To clarify, Trump was asked that he, in fact, just compared Fiorina to a stripper in one of the most clever metaphors ever thought up by a rude, half-intelligent man.

“You’re damn right I did! I’d love to see her dance for me. When I’m president, I’ll make her Secretary of my lap, how about that.”

Trump then dunked a basketball into a Nerf hoop he had installed behind the podium before came on stage. Reporters all agreed that was a pretty sick dunk, before heading to breakfast at Denny’s.

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