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Trump Says He’s “Not Convinced Black Lives Really Matter”

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“Hands up, don’t shoot…or do?”

(Photo by : Bill Pugliano / Getty)

(Photo by : Bill Pugliano / Getty)

He’s at it again! Donald Trump had some nasty words about the Black Lives Matter campaign, telling reporters if any Black Lives Matter protesters came on his stage, he would beat them up. Trump, then continued with, “In fact, I’m not convinced black lives really matter…”

The crowd audibly gasped as Trump put a hand through his naturally wavy and thick mane of hair. Immediately, reporters were on their phone, sending texts and emails out to their editors about the wild statement.

But Trump hadn’t finished, and the preemptive stories were brought to a halt when Trump continued. “Black lives don’t really matter when it comes to Celine Dion concerts or country music. They don’t matter when it comes to hanna tattoos and REI equipment either. They certainly don’t matter in terms of sun block sales either.”

For once, Trump sounded kind of right? For the Farce Report, we’re going to chalk this up as “I guess so…”

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