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Trump Says Kanye Rich Jerk Just Looking for Attention

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“Aren’t we tired of black presidents anyway?”


kanye west and donald trump

(Photo by Don Emmert (L) / Kevork Djansezian (R)/ Getty Images)

Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump had some tough words for Kanye West, following the platinum rapper’s announcement that he would be running for president in the 2020 elections.

“Frankly, I think this Kanye character is nothing more than a rich prick who loves attention,” Trump told reporters from a golden building with his name written on it in huge letters.

He continued, “Furthermore, this guy’s got no political experience whatsoever. He’s a loud mouthed idiot who wants to force his wrongheaded views on everyone else. Does he really think the American people want someone like that running the country? It’s absurd. Also, all women that aren’t hot should be second class citizens.”

Trump concluded his remarks by hinting at other obvious problems with a Kanye West presidency including “we just had one black President and you see how that turned out. It’s about time white men finally got a shot.”

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