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Trump Says Puerto Ricans Are His Least Favorite Kind of Mexicans

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“The dirtiest and thieve-ist of Mexicans are, 100%, from Puerto Rico.”

(Photo by Getty / Scott Olson)

(Photo by Getty / Scott Olson)

Donald Trump had a lot to say about the latest news from Puerto Rico. The commonwealth paid less than a million dollars toward their $58 million dollar debt, which is the equivalent to a middle finger. The debts which are compiled from ordinary Puerto Rican’s debt is just a small chunk of the $70 billion of outstanding debt the island is struggling to pay off.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump, front-runner of the Republican party, was not too pleased with the information.

“I told you, these damn Mexicans are screwing it up left and right. This is why they keep sneaking over our borders, because they’re country is falling to pieces!”

“What we need to do is build a wall between Puerto Rico and America to keep these dirty, thieving Mexicans from taking our jobs, murdering our babies, and sleeping with our farm animals! Sure, Miss Piggy is single, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to date some Mexican farmer for the hell of it. She has got self-respect!”

Trump then switched to his phone where he jumped on his Twitter and began direct messaging Miss Piggy for a date.

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