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Trump Tired of Biden Crying About Dead Son “Like a Little B*tch”

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joe biden cried as donald trump yells at him

Credit: YouTube @The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (L); Chip Somodevilla/Getty (R)

Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump had some harsh words for Joe Biden, following the Vice President’s tearful appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Trump described Mr. Biden’s crying about his deceased son, Beau, as “soft” and “not presidential” before ultimately calling the Vice President a “little bitch.”

“Biden’s considering running and last night proved why he shouldn’t,” Trump was quoted as saying. “He’s a baby and he’s got inferior DNA. My luxurious, presidential genes have never begotten a child with health problems. My children are all winners,” Trump said before launching into a 25 minute description of how hot his daughter, Ivanka, was.

He then called a random, female reporter, a “sea cow” because it had been almost 30 minutes since he’d said something misogynistic.

Trump concluded his statement by telling members of the press he didn’t feel sorry for the Biden family because “real winners would never get brain cancer.”

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