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‘Trump Your Cat’ Goes Viral, ‘Sanders Your Dog’ Refuses to Take Hold

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Social media is loving the new hashtag #TrumpYourCat – Not so much #SandersYourDog

Users are posting photos of their cats with their own hairballs placed atop their head in support of the hashtag #TrumpYourCat. While TrumpYouCat goes viral, its competitor #SandersYourDog refuses to catch traction.

(Photo by shutterstock)

(Photo by shutterstock)

In support of Bernie Sanders, few dog owners are shaving everything but the top of the sides of their dogs head to give them that classic Sanders psychotic look. While TrumpYourCat only takes a few brush strokes to complete the hilarious look, Sanders-ing your dog includes a hair trimmer, close shave razor, and a very patient canine.

“I ended getting about half-walf with my dog Bruiser, but it just wasn’t worth a photo,” said one Sanders supporter, “Now my dog just looks like he’s pants-less, giant balls swinging around in the open, and all.”

For now, Democrats looking to show their love of Sanders and support him the old fashioned way — by posting ridiculous articles about Republicans and partaking in long Facebook rants about them.

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