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Ugly Baby Can’t Even Get 20 Likes on Facebook

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(Photo by shutterstock)

(Photo by shutterstock)

In a shocking display of total social media ineptitude, ugly baby Kelly Wolf couldn’t even get 20 likes on a Facebook photo published by her mother, Wednesday night. The 20-month-old was recently seen crawling and smiling, as if blissfully unaware of the embarrassment she had caused her family.

Her mother, Maggie Wolf, is still reeling from the lack of attention the post received. “18 likes?” Mrs. Wolf exclaimed through labored breathing and sobs, “I find a cute bathing suit and pick the perfect caption—“hitting the pool!”—and all she can get me is 18 likes? I was hoping she wouldn’t get her father’s unibrow and soft chin, but I have to face the facts: my child is horrendous looking.”

Facebook “Like” Economist Randolph Klein believes Mrs. Wolf’s reaction is justifiable, saying “numerous studies indicate a picture of a smiling baby is worth an average of 30 likes,” and that any child that couldn’t reach these numbers was likely “ugly as dirt.”