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Umm… Nice Try! 9 People Who Failed Horribly At Photoshopping Their Facebook Pics!

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Nice try, guys, but these Facebook pics are not working for you. Believe it or not Farce fans, but many of your favorite magazine covers and movie posters are photoshopped to make those sexy celebrities look sexier than they are.

Apparently, these knuckleheads thought they could do it as well.

hot bods


You like how hot those bods look? Well, sorry, but they’re all completely photoshopped!

See the best photoshop fails by these nerds!

Brown-eyed wonder.

photoshop fail 01


Look at this amazing photoshop fail. Sorry to disappoint you all, but this dude’s eyes are actually blue. This brown-eyed wonder can’t fool me!

She wishes!

photoshop fail 02


Wow, what a hottie. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a real photo. Sorry, lady, but you’re not lucky enough to get that four-eyed 7th grader touching your disgusting body. She wishes!