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Union of White NYU Students to Hold Rally and You’ll Never Guess Where

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Source: Facebook

NYU recently released a message that the Union of White NYU Students Facebook group, that has recently been set up, has no affiliation with the school and they find it quite objectionable. While similar groups have been created at different universities, the NYU Students group has decided to hold a rally this coming weekend. The rally will be held at a farmer’s market on the Upper West Side. By rally, the white students mean a depressingly sad drum circle.

The students have decided to first attend a yoga session before they head to the UWS Farmer’s Market to form a very unrhythmic drum circle which they are referring to as a “rally.” The students hope to gather three or four desperate looking parents as they keep watch on their confused toddlers that will try and dance to the two bongo players and possible box cajon.

Halfway through the rally, the Union of White NYU Students plan to have one white onlooker take off his Toms shoes and start to meditate next to them. Because of the man’s poorly grown dreadlocks, the students will pretend they don’t see him until he give them a dollar for their “spiritual rhythms,” at white point they’ll nod and give him an awkward peace sign.

Afterwards, the group plans to head to the park for a silent dance party until the sun sets and they can walk barefoot back to their parent’s multi-million dollar west side houses.

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