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UNIQLO to Offer Larger Fitting Rooms with More Mirrors

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(Photo by Twitter / StarAdvertiser)

(Photo by Twitter / StarAdvertiser)

Last week an adult-themed film leaked of a drunk-in-love couple copulating inside a UNIQLO’s fitting room. The couple have since been arrested and UNIQLO has denied any involvement in the shooting of the video.

Nonetheless, UNIQLO announced this week that they have decided to expand their fitting room services, offering bigger rooms with large seating areas and more mirrors. “The chairs we will offer,” explained CEO Tadashi Yanai, “will be of extreme comfort. Large, almost bed-like, with cushioning that offers terrific bounce back.”

As for the additional mirrors, Yanai explains those are for seeing the clothes you try on at every angle. “Mirrors! Mirrors everywhere! Above you, below you, from all sides. This will help you capture the essence of the clothes you’re wearing.”

Adult-themed websites and “loving” couples in China and throughout the world could not be happier.