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Wake Up Sheeple: Dentists Invented World Smile Day

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World Smile Day? What do you really think is happening, people? Or should I say sheeple??


man with terrible teeth

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World Smile Day is nothing but a greeting card holiday perpetuated by dentists. That’s right, those people that say they’re “fixing your teeth,” and “preventing gingivitis,” what they’re really doing is selling you unnecessary products. They’re brainwashing you, people! Look at me, I fell for these “doctor’s” requests. I flossed, I brushed, and what did it give me? Braces! More products, more money out the pocket. And now what? They want us to smile?

Is it a coincidence that the day after World Smile Day happens to be World Teeth Whitening Day? I don’t think so! It’s all part of their plan. You go around smiling for everyone and look what happens, you become self-concious. You start thinking, maybe my teeth are too crooked or rotten. Maybe your gums are barely there, and a blind laughs at you the minute you walk into the restaurant that you worked really hard at getting a reservation at. Maybe they point out that one of your teeth looks like a fork. And then you have to go into the bathroom and cry, and while you’re in there your blind date leaves. And it’s your teeth, your ugly ass teeth, Buck, that she was laughing at. You’re a freak! That’s what you’re thinking to yourself. You look in the mirror and say, “I’m a freak. I’m a FREAK!” Oh God, I hate teeth!!

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