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Wall Street Brokers Worry Trump Presidency Will Mean One Less Yacht

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“With Trump as president, I’d only be able to buy my daughter one pony.”


wall street brokers looking worried about donald trump

Credit: Laura Buckman/AFP/Getty Images (R); RTimages/4×6/RobertH2255/iStock (L)

Many Wall Street brokers and fat cats have recently spoken out about the possibility of a Trump presidency, and to say the least, they’re worried. Trump has recently announced plans to raise taxes on the rich and promote policies that would hurt multinational corporations. For Wall Street, that means less money coming into their pockets.

“Trump as president means I’d have reconsider purchasing my third yacht.” said Stanley Foster McMillin III. “Not to mention making small cuts to my summer house’s third guesthouse. I mean, how can my guests enjoy their stay if I can’t install built in stereo speakers in all of the floors, walls, ceilings, and plants?”

Others are worried pay cuts would become imminent. One broker said, “I’m very used to my triple-figure income, per month, and would hate to see that go down. I have three children I need to spoil to the point of complete incompetence. How will my son get his first DUI by the age of 18 if his father can’t even by him a Porsche for his 14th birthday?”

When asked if Wall Street would be happy to potentially see a middle class that could make enough money to invest in stocks, all asked, “Who? middle class? I dropped out of school years ago, buddy. My Dad gave me this job and I never turned back.”

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