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Warriors’ Curry & Thompson Collide During Concussion Test, Both Sustain Another Concussion

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Warriors cause another concussions

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

It’s been a rough few weeks for the Golden State Warrior guards. First, Stephen Curry with a scary fall onto the floor headfirst then a week later Klay Thompson is hit with a flying knee to the head, leaving the Warriors without a backcourt that remembers their own social security numbers.

Doctors gave both guards a test of motor skills which included a side by side agility test, which led them to crash head first into each other, causing them both to sustain an additional concussion.

When asked if he knew what day it was, Stephen Curry responded after the fall, “I only know that it’s 1940, and we are fighting the Nazi’s.” Thompson then added,”Yes! Let’s kill those Nazi bastards!”

Team physicians initially cleared both players for action, citing that even they didn’t know the correct date, they knew the US was fighting the Germans in 1940. But both players ask to sit down shortly after, then fell asleep for severals hours missing practice. Doctor’s say it will be unlikely for either Curry or Thompson to make an appearance in the NBA Finals Game 1 this Thursday, unless they can somehow defeat the Nazi’s by then.

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