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We Asked This Second Grade Class What They’re Thankful for this Year, and it’s Adorable

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Even during a holiday dedicated explicitly to being thankful for what we have, it can be difficult to remember just how lucky we all are. All the pressures of adulthood can make gratitude hard to come by. That’s why we asked 9 children what they were thankful for. Their responses were so cute, you’ll be sharing them with your whole family this Thanksgiving.

Teddy Bears!- Sara

Adorable little Sara loves her Teddy Bear so much, she sleeps with it every night. How cute!

My Teacher- Eddie

Eddie here is a certified bookworm, he loves learning and no one helps him learn quite like his teacher Ms. Richman. Take it from Eddie himself: “She’s the bestest!”

My new mommy- Tim

Tim’s new mommy is “smaller and funner” than his “old mean mommy.” Good thing old mom caught Dad sleeping with his secretary!

Being the cutest one of my friends- Ellie

Even at a young age Ellie knows looks matter in today’s society. “I can’t wait ‘til we get older and I get all the attention from boys.”

My parents getting divorced- Jennifer

“Ever since Daddy moved out, I get double the presents!” Jen told the Farce Report

Being born white in America- Billy

“Statistically, I’ve got lots of advantages ova my minowity cwassmates!” aww, listen to that lisp!

The historic income inequality between the top 1% of the United States and everyone else, which has been growing markedly, by every major statistical measure, for over 30 years- Greg

Greg’s dad is CEO of GE.

Knives- Christine

Look, honestly we don’t know where little Christine was going with this answer. Lets hope she’s into crafts or something and isn’t on her way to becoming one of the first female serial killers

My mom’s stressful schedule that all but ensures I get to eat takeout at least 3 times a week- Josh

Little Josh loves chinese food and pizza so much, he doesn’t realize

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