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We Sat This Boy with Epilepsy in Front of a Disco Ball, What Happens Next Will Inspire You

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A little shaky hero.


kid flexing by a discoball

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Meet Nelson, as this little guy has epilepsy. And, yes, it can be tough sometimes, but he doesn’t let his disease stop him from playing with trucks and action figures and other stupid things little kids like to do. But, this story isn’t really about Nelson — it’s about someone far more important: me.

As a twenty something still trying to find a job 8 months after I graduated college, it’s easy to get down on myself and feel like I haven’t really accomplished anything. That was until I met Nelson and sat him in front of a disco ball.

I knew when I met Nelson’s parents and posed as a member of the big brother program, that he would be the inspiration I needed. After I took him to a dark, abandoned warehouse and turned on a disco ball, it wasn’t long until Nelson’s epilepsy was triggered. He began to shake violently. He was in need of help. Couldn’t fend for himself and that’s when I, well, that’s when I really understood how special I was.

Sure, I wasn’t smart or particularly handsome, but at least I wasn’t born a freak that couldn’t sit in a room with a flickering lights without starting to convulse. Nelson gave me perspective and humility. Nelson taught me how lucky I truly was and for that I can’t thank him enough. I wonder whatever happened to the little guy. I haven’t seen him since that day, but I’ll never forget what his face looks like — mostly because of all the “missing” posters plastered all over the neighborhood.

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