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We’re Tired Of Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

We’re tired of Bill Cosby. Seemingly every day, the cycle repeats itself: new victims come forward, new evidence comes to light, and the comedian and his people maintain their silence. We’re tired of it all, Bill. You’re a monster, and you know it.

It’s a sad and draining process trying to comprehend how many lives Dr. Cosby has hurt. Every time we turn on the TV or go online there are countless stories that leave little doubt as to Cosby’s guilt. Just admit to it all, Bill. Set the truth (and us free). At The Farce Report, we’ve tried to get face-to-face with Cosby to tell him just how fed up and tired of it all we were.

Finally, after an exhausting amount of phone calls to intermediaries and shifty go-betweens, we arranged a meeting with him at a Philadelphia coffeehouse. We arrived to the meeting ready to lay into the accused rapist, though he was nice enough to buy us a coffee first.

“Dr. Cosby, we’re tired of the lies. We’re tired of the elusiveness. We’re tired of he victim-shaming. We’re tired of the… *pauses and yawns*… excuse me, must be warm in here- just getting the yawns, sorry. We’re tired of the…of…the…”