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Man Claiming to Understand Bitcoin Admits He Was Lying

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BITCOIN_no one understands them

Logo unfortunately paid for with Bitcoins (Photo by Jason Benjamin)


Bitcoin announced today that one of the last remaining people claiming to understand the cryptic cryptocurrency was lying.

Brian Puce took to the days-old social media platform Meerkat to announce that after months of snide comments about “the mainstream’s inability to grasp simple monetary concepts behind Bitcoin”, he too found it to be utterly baffling.

A tweet from Puce reading “Why do #Bitcoins have Russian on the back? #wut,” was found to be at the source of the controversy. Internet sleuths noted Bitcoins don’t have backs, fronts, or any Russian writing on them whatsoever. It was then revealed that Puce had confused Rubles for Bitcoins.

When contacted for comment, Bitcoin founders replied “We don’t really know how it works either. We were hoping Brian was right so we could finally write the About Us page on our website from whatever he said.”