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What Parents Can Learn from John Wayne Gacy

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Lessons from a famous clown.

parent teching kid and John Wayne Gacy

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Parents have it tough. Raising a child (or multiple) is a full time job. You need to feed them, clean them, play with them, keep them healthy, and a lot more. Plus, you need to take care of yourself!

That’s why there’s hundreds of baby books, parenting books, and pooping books. But sometimes it helps to take the advice, not of a psychologist, but of a regular joe just like you and me. That’s why we took some of the 5 of the best qualities of famous clown John Wayne Gacy that might help you become a better parent.

Learn Proper Discipline

When you want something, you need to know what it is and take it. John Wayne Gacy knew that, there were many things he wanted and no one ever stopped him from getting it.

Know How to Keep a Secret

Your children don’t need to know everything. It’s good to be honest with them, it’s good to tell them what they need to know. But sometimes you need to get them into the car to take them to the doctor or the dentist or a crawlspace. It’s good to just let them believe they’re going somewhere else. You can say ice cream! Sure, you’ll get ice cream, but first, the dentist.

The Importance of Arts

John Wayne Gacy knew the arts were a strong character developer. That’s why he trained so hard to be a clown. He loved his job. He REALLY loved the children. He wouldn’t have known this unless he understood the importance of the art. You and your children should know that, too.

The Importance of Anatomy

Know the body. That might sound crazy, but if your son has a sore arm, or a tender thigh, you’ll need to know what that means. You’ll need to be able to squeeze that thigh and detect pain, fear, and anything else.

The Importance of Being Yourself

John Wayne Gacy made himself known for being a trailblazer. A gay clown? That’s crazy. That’s admirable. At a moment in history when people were more homophobic than they are today, he stayed himself. You need to stay yourself when you have a child, and encourage your child to be more like John Wayne Gacy.

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