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What Your Lipstick Color Says About You

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There are dozens of lipstick shades to choose from, and whether you think so or not, your favorite shade reveals more about your personality than you might think. We’ve broken down lipstick shades to 9 different colors. What they say about you might surprise you.


Source: Instagram @shehani_wijethunge; @tee_smyth; @barbeesinner

Take a look and see what your lipstick says about you.



lipstick red

Source: Instagram @shehani_wijethunge

The classic. There’s two types that go with red lipstick. You either a) describe yourself as an old soul and love cute, vintage dresses and shoes or b) you’re going for pure, classic sex appeal.


lipstick taupe

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You’re pretty shy and reserved. You’re cool once people get to know you. You probably like to read books or something don’t you, show off.