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What’s the Worst Thing You Can Hear at a Willie Nelson Concert? I’m Not Willie Nelson

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Fake WIllie Nelson

(Photo by shutterstock)

The Silver Dollar Fairgrounds was packed on Saturday and ready for a night of great country music. The majority of concert goers were already completely intoxicated when the show started and the red-headed stranger came to the stage. Shouts of “Free Bird” had already begun when local musician Willie Nielson began to play the opening notes of “On The Road Again.”

“I think most people who see a stoned, long haired guy with a beard coming to the stage, they are hoping I’m the real Willie Nelson. Fortunately, most of them can’t tell the difference or are too drunk to care,” Nielson said. He keeps busy with his landscaping business during the week, but on the weekends Nielson is fully booked with music gigs. “I mean my real name is Willie Mosher, but since i changed it to Nielson I haven’t had an open date in months.” When told that the man who performed was not the real Willie Nelson the local promoter simply responded,”What? Are you serious?”

Fans were only disappointed for a short stint as, to accompany Nielson, was an ominous looking Neil Youngen and all of the The Bowling Stones.