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When Being Honest with Herself, Local Woman Knows Cat Doesn’t Love Her

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Local woman Claire Hutchens recently reported that, when she’s being honest with herself, she knows her cat does not love her. Hutchens, who lists her occupation on Facebook as “PROUD CAT MOMMA!,” has subconsciously suspected her cat, Mr. Cuddles, of not loving her for years. It was only after a recent trip to a dog park that the 33 year old with a subscription to both Modern Cat Magazine and Cat Fancy admitted this realization to herself.

“I just saw all these people calling out to their dogs, and they were listening! Some dogs even let their owners pet them! I can’t even remember the last time Cuddles let me touch him,” remarked the lonely woman.

At press time, Hutchens was preparing to feed her cat while allowing herself to believe Mr. Cuddles was running towards her voice and not the sound of a bag of meow mix opening.

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