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White Kid Makes Bomb for Science Fair, Awarded First Prize

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What a talented boy! He could kill hundreds!


boy holding up medal for building a bomb

Crddit: Carlos de Andres/Cover/Getty Images; DSGpro/Dori OConnell/iStock

Jimmy Taylor, a white student at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas was awarded first prize at the school’s science fair last night, after he created a fully functioning explosive device.

“We’re so proud of Jimmy for creating a bomb capable of killing hundreds of people with nothing but hard work, scraps of metal from old appliances, and detailed tutorials from some very shady message boards,” boasted MacArthur Principal Daniel Cummings.

Cummings was not only celebrating young Jimmy Taylor’s creativity and ability as a budding scientist, but also the fact that his school very narrowly survived a terrorist attack from one of Taylor’s classmates. Earlier this week, Ahmed Mohamed, a ninth grader at the school, brought in what he claimed to be a homemade clock, but as his name is Ahmed Mohamed– the two most terrorist names in existence — he was suspended and detained.

Cummings would not comment further on the case of Mohamed as he was busy dealing with the latest incident at his school. An African American student painting a picture of a knife in art class was shot and killed by school police, who feared the student might somehow use the 2 dimensional rendering of a weapon against them.

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