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White Person Actually Pretty Big Fan of Gentrification

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(Photo by shutterstock)

(Photo by shutterstock)

Moving a box of antique lanterns into an apartment which previously housed an African-American family, white person George Winter declared that he was actually a pretty big fan of gentrification.
The single 28-year-old web developer admits he was little nervous about moving into a neighborhood his realtor called “up-and-coming,” but says all his fears were squashed when he saw a gluten free cupcake shop and an organic juice bar on his block.

Winter feels he’s moved to the neighborhood at just the right time. As he sees it’s “not every minority has been priced out, so it’s still cool, but enough yuppies live here that I feel safe. I want my neighborhood to be ‘GPS-stolen-out-of-my-car’ dangerous not ‘stabbing-mugging’ dangerous.”

After he finished carrying items into his new apartment, Winter planned to check out a neo-folk band playing at a bar called “the Sanctuary”— a former church that was converted into a concert venue after the predominantly Latino congregation could no longer afford the rent.