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White Supremacist Embarrassed to be Seen Shaking Hands with Hillary Clinton

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(Photo by Twitter / Buzzfeed News)

LEBANON, NH– Local White Supremacist Jethro Storck reported feelings of deep embarrassment after a photo of him shaking hands with Hillary Clinton surfaced on the presidential candidate’s twitter account yesterday. The photo was removed by the Clinton campaign at Storck’s request, but not before the racist man’s credibility in the white supremacist movement was severely damaged. Storck has been in full damage control since the incident. He released the following statement this morning:

“I hate minorities as much as anyone else, but you have to admit, Republicans really have poor whites voting against our economic interests. I was just trying to see what was out there and I urge my fellow members of the purest race to find the right political ideology for them.”

Storck’s attempts at saving face proved mostly ineffective with Bill “Bubba” Jones, leader of the Lebanon Ku Klux Klan chapter. “It’s really hard to believe anything he says. You know, you think you know a guy after committing a half dozen hate crimes together, but this just proves you can’t trust anyone.”