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Who Gets The Engagement Ring In A Gay Marriage? Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

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The question every straight person wants to know.


Two men exchanging a ring on the beach

Source: Dirk Freder/Chris Schmidt/iStpck

It seems like the one downfall of male gay marriage was that one person does not get an engagement ring. One man was going to have to get the crappy, cheap standard men’s wedding band. Or do you they? Some stores are even encouraging engagement rings for both partners, but only the person who says I do should be the one to get the engagement ring.

It does seem a little unfair that only one person in the couple gets an engagement ring. One really expensive ring and one cheap one is surely going to make one husband resentful. The best way to go is to buy matching rings, both with interlocking unicorn horns that look a lot like penises. If that seems a little too gay for you, then that’s your problem and you probably shouldn’t be in a gay marriage.

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