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Why No One Should Own a Pit Bull

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Pit bulls have come under a lot of scrutiny in recent years. Some say the breed is inherently dangerous. Others claim the dogs are subjected to extreme and undeserved criticism due to the poor choices of a very visible minority of pit bull owners. What this conversation—centered around the alleged violent nature of the breed—leaves out are some of the other disturbing traits pit bulls exhibit.


Source: Instagram @pitbullsofinstagram; @beaniethepitty

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They always take the last donut.

pitbull 02

Source: Instagram @pitbullsofinstagram

Have you had your eye on the last donut for a while? You think you’ll probably get it since you haven’t even had a donut yet and everyone else has already had seconds, right? Well think again, because someone brought their pit bull into the office, and any food left unattended is getting eaten by that selfish monster.

They give out pennies on Halloween

pitbull 04

Source: Instagram @pitbullsofinstagram

Keep your children away from pit bulls on halloween at all costs! Why? These violent sociopathic animals give out pennies instead of candy. They have no regard for anyone’s feelings but their own.