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With Seattle Teachers Strike Over, Teachers Get Off Their Yachts and Back to the Classroom

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Poured rest of their champagne into ocean.


teachers on a dock with their yachts


If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times. Those rich, greedy school teachers just want more money to stuff their mattresses with apparently.

The Seattle teachers strike cancelled classes, but you can bet those teachers did not miss a thing. Instead they enjoyed more parties, more cigars, and more time off than usual. Everyone knows that teaching is the easiest job in the world, just ask someone who has never done it and they will tell you.

You think they paid six figures to earn a teaching degree in college, to take a job working long hours for low pay and no job stability just because they like helping kids? Hell, no. They did it for the summers off, of course. Every businessman knows that. They will tell you, those teachers are all gathering up their money and free time, buying yachts, expensive champagne, and laughing their way to the bank – even though they aren’t getting paid during the strike.

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