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Woman Suspects Date Doesn’t Actually Want to Watch Netflix

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Guy and girl on couch watching netflix

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Lured into a townhouse by the prospect of new episodes of “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” area teen Alicia Len found herself unprepared for the turn the evening would take.

After a somewhat pleasant night at the Richmond Mall with Alex Sula, an awkwardly short sophomore, whom she met through Alex’s sister’s best friend’s cousin, Alicia accepted Alex’s invitation to “just watch some Netflix.”

However, after watching 4 episodes into the Netflix original series, Alex’s hand crawled closer and closer to Alicia’s thigh. “I realized I had made a terrible mistake when he said he was in a ‘really cuddly mood,” recalls Len, who easily deflected each of Alex’s pathetic sexual advances.

The night concluded with Len quickly leaving Alex’s stepdad’s house after pretending that her Facebook notification included a very urgent text message.

Despite the awkward end to the date, Alicia has not ruled out seeing Alex again as her older sister’s college roommate’s Netflix account — the one she’s been using for 2 years — was recently cancelled.