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Woman Treats Friend Sleeping on Couch to Her Least Favorite Pillow

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It feels like sleeping on a bag of old oranges.”


woman sleeping on a blue pillow

Credit: TJFritz

Area woman Christine Rosen treated a friend sleeping on her couch to her least favorite pillow late last night. Rosen, who was entertaining her college roommate—Jen Tanner—for the night, set out to be an excellent host for her former dorm mate, nervously cleaning the bathroom 15 minutes before she arrived and even offering her the least dirty towel in the house in case she wanted to shower.

Rosen also planned a full night of activities, which mainly consisted of ordering pizza and drinking franzia wine “for old times sake” even though they had only engaged in that activity twice while in college. After they’d have enough terrible wine purchased out of nostalgia, the pair decided to turn in for the night. That’s when Rosen really went above and beyond and offered her guest a lumpy pillow and the blanket she bought but never uses because it sheds everywhere.

At press time, Tanner was regretting not springing for an Airbnb. Hate your friends? SHARE this article.