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Woman Who Studied in London Six Years Ago Still Calls Vacations “Going on Holiday”

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Girl talking on cellphone in cafe

(Photo by istock / pixdeluxe)

During a phone call conducted in a local coffee shop, Mary Parker, who studied abroad in London six years ago, was overheard referring to a vacation she was planning as “going on holiday.”

Later, while on the same phone call, the 25-year-old Parker, who has only spent 3 months of her life in England, called the subway “the tube.” The conversation ended with Parker insisting she and her brother Paul, whom she was speaking to, meet for “a spot of tea” soon, but not before she corrected him for mentioning the sport of soccer. Ms. Parker, an American citizen from Wisconsin, insisted it be called “football” or “footy” for short.

Unnamed sources confirmed Ms. Parker’s Instagram feed is full of pictures of major London landmarks that other people have taken. At press time, Ms. Parker was adding the hashtag “#RelationshipGoals” to a picture of the Royal Family she retweeted.